I know most girls have heard of the chokers.  What would you say if we turned it up a notch.  How about if we want to get rid of the basic?


California Love

Our trip to Cali was short but well lived.  Getting to our hotel in West Hollywood, at 5:30 am killed me.  Even though it was actually a business trip we managed to get a quick vacation.  It was my first time.  In bullets:

The environment is very calm definitely not New York.

The people are so laid back is actually amazing.

Venice beach is beautiful.

The famous IN-N-OUT burger was OK (don’t kill me). The animal sauce it’s the best thing.

The houses are huge and all up on hills.

Hollywood Boulevard is so much different than what they make it seem.  There’s a lot of homeless people, more than what I see in NYC from 34th to 42nd.  I can be wrong so don’t quote me on it.

The plane ride is way too long.  I’m a wuss.  I am afraid of the thought of being in air for such a long time.

Some pictures that I took. (not a professional but they look darn good coming from an iPhone)



The Best Things in Life.

As I am writing this, I’m actually sleep deprived and I’ll probably be like this forever.  There has been a few days I don’t really sleep, but yesterday was one of those days where you think if you full fall asleep you might miss something (like checking if they’re breathing right).  I say that because we all have something that sometimes keep us up at night.  For me if it’s not the regular everyday situations it happens to be my child.  No matter how much we appreciate our mothers, based on my opinion, I don’t think you really know what it is to be a mom until you become one.  Since having him my life is really much more meaningful.  He’s great, such a happy child, he has so much love to give it’s beautiful.  One wish is that life don’t change him and let him always be this way because with so much negativity in everyone, the few people that produce positivity is greatly appreciated.  But we can all agree if your a mom that it’s also hard work and so heartbreaking when they’re sick.  I had to take him to the hospital because my paranoia kicked in.  As soon as my mom confirmed that his lips where slightly blue I got a panic attack.  I immediately took him to the emergency room.  The waiting time couldn’t take any longer.  Like if you’re running against time.  Then all these negative things fly through your mind about stories that you’ve read or someone told you.  Then you see them helpless and wish that if some miracle can happen and that the one who ends up sick is you.  Sadly life don’t work like that.  It was my first experience in the emergency room with him.  Gladly everything turned out great just a little congested, and that I over reacted.  But I’m sure I’m going to continue over reacting for everything and anything that has to do with him.  Everyday I realize more and more that there’s no way any one can repay their mom back for everything they’ve done for you and continue doing.  There’s just no way. When everything in your life is second to your son or daughter.   When you miss out on things that you thought you couldn’t miss out on when you were younger, and now you just don’t even care, because the best things in life are right in front of you.


As I finally get one year older, and closer to 30.  I must say is true what many people have previously said, “the older you get the clearer everything will become”.  I finally started my first collection, so be sure to stay tuned.  I know I have been away from blogging but I am back.  Life sometimes takes a toll on you and you deviate.  This is by far my first dress for the collection, your opinions will be greatly appreciated. This is the beginning of many.  This is it.


How time flies I’m going to be 26 by the end of the year.  Four years closer to the big 30.  Supposedly when you’re 30 you’re suppose to have everything figured out.  You’re suppose to have your life set.  Have your own apartment and etc.  That’s kind of hard these days because maybe since some of us rushed to the future that we forgot to live the present.  I say live each day as it should be lived according to you (without being too ratchet), not as it’s your last because there’s not enough hours in the day for that.  I have to work hard these four years, since time don’t wait for anybody and lately it’s been rushing.  I was 18 not too long ago, I remember my sweet 16 like it was yesterday.  Now 10 years later?.  I’m still trying to figure this thing called life out.  I’m still trying to make it like everyone else.  Still putting others before me. But I am working hard.

What’s your number one goal?

Fall Essentials for the Budget and Inspired

7d84e5dd76f1553013ebc514724e6b14I am not a beauty guru.  But I constantly follow them, because I think they are the coolest at what they do, like my Amrezy  I LOVE her the most because her style in make up and clothes is what semi-define me.  I say that because it’s things that I would consider wearing and make up that I would consider using if I didn’t have to wake up everyday at 6 am, to prepare the baby for daycare and myself for work and school.  To come home and prepare myself and the baby for work and school the next day.  So since I’m not an everyday slayer.  I stick to the basics.  I swear I only use Mascara and Lipstick.  All my lipsticks are dark, either wine or burgundy.  Won’t see a lighter version and as much as I love Black, I refuse to wear black lipstick. I don’t use foundation because I think I have a fair skin.  No pimples or blackheads, thank god.  That’s besides the point.  What I’m trying to say is for your everyday lipstick, which I think all women should wear I would recommend is the Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipcolors. ESPECIALLY!! the best DIVINE WINE. Don’t have to spend much, can use that money to buy baby food if you have kids, or extra change in your pockets.  $7.99 plus tax.  Amazing! The other colors are cool too, check them out.!google!Product_Listing_Ads&cagpspn=pla&CAWELAID=330000200000203238&catargetid=330000200000190692&cadevice=c&gclid=CPvIxe-T_McCFcIXHwodUocMwA

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I’m not saying to wear heels, and all your jeans are supposed to be ripped.  All I’m saying is you should consider having blue and black jeans ripped at knee level.  Also have a destroyed jean like the one all the way at the bottom.  Pair these with a jacket and a regular t-shirt or even some heels, you’re set.  These will keep you up to date and don’t have to spend much either H&M has them for no more than $50.00.  Jeans is a staple, I would highly recommend in feeling the texture of your jeans. That’s why I recommend H&M because my jeans are still of good quality and they don’t cost me 100 or more dollars.  I added the link.  FYI they even have $20.00 jeans.  Amazing again.  One more thing at least every week Gap has a sale online of 25% to 40% off. 


Want the leather look without the leather price?  ZARA.  That’s all I have to say 89.90 for the jacket. Here’s the link.  You’re welcome! and to the one who likes to take risk I highly recommend the fringe leather. Ugh. She’s a beauty.  She’s currently located in Urban Outfitters.

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Shoe wise, you know the booties and the high boots, but since sneakers are the THING right now. I would be investing in (clockwise) Roshe, Suades, SK8, Superstar, and Air Max 90’s.

nike-roshe-run-triple-black-0puma-grey-suede-classic-grey-trainers-product-2-15437696-034904076_large_flexIMG_5716cadidas-superstar-80s-black-white-01  NIKE-AIR-MAX-90-GS-COLOUR-PACK-1